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Training programs that have shown an increase in cardiovascular performance by as much as 20%*

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Peak Performance Starts With Cardio

First Cardio Performance is a company that focuses on conditioning the athletes body for peak athletic performance through cardiovascular testing and training. First Cardio uses data capturing to determine an athlete’s potential, then develops training programs to help attain maximum cardiovascular performance.

Who can benefit?Individual Athletes

Cyclists. Runners. Triathletes. Anyone who wants to improve their athletic performance and health. First Cardio Performance will create personalized training prescriptions that help achieve peak performance.

Who can benefit?Sports Teams

First Cardio Performance will partner with athletic departments and teams around the country. Working with the team’s individuals and training staffs to create individualized training prescriptions will improve each athlete’s performance and overall cardiovascular fitness.

Peak PerformanceTraining

Data-driven training prescriptions help athletes increase their level of performance. First Cardio Performance personalizes these training prescriptions, tailoring them to help each individual athlete achieve their peak performance.

CardiovascularConditioning Coach

First Cardio Performance founder Paul Drake pulls from years of experience as an endurance athlete and working with many high-level competitive athletes. He helps athletes piece together the performance puzzle, beginning with a foundation of cardiovascular fitness.

First Cardio Training guidance has in part helped these programs increase their rankings 10 places*


“FCP’s groundbreaking cardiovascular training has helped my team gain in fitness already this season. Their science-based workouts are highly individualized and highly effective. In addition, the workouts are varied, fun, and build real camaraderie among the players. Highly recommended.”

Geoff Macdonald

Vanderbilt woman’s head tennis coach

Performance focused training

Peak athletic performance begins with cardiovascular training. The goal is to gain maximum performance per athlete for the betterment of the team.

VO2 Max Testing

Body Fat Assessment

Power Assessment

Lactate Threshold Testing

Rest Management & Injury Prevention

Daily Monitoring

Zone Assessment

Hemoglobin Testing

Some of the many individual and team awards

Data produced training programs for winning results.

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“If you want to maximize your ability, FCP can do it for you. Winning a State Time Trial Championship was no accident. I was mentally and physically prepared for everything my competitors threw at me.”

Bryan Wierzchuki

US National Time Trial Tandem Champion and a 3x California State Champion