Paul Drake, MS, has been training and coaching with heart rate since 1991. Paul’s focus is very specific: Cardiovascular testing, conditioning and Cardio-fitness prescriptions. Soon after his degree, Paul started working as the team trainer and coach for the DePaul University’s Men’s and Women’s Cycling Teams. Paul learned many of his heart rate training techniques from two major sources: the infamous Eddy “B”(Borysewicz), the 1980 & 1984 US Olympic Cycling Coach, and the amazing Sally Edwards (US Triathlon Hall of Fame-er, founder of Fleet Feet Running Stores and author of dozens of books on endurance training). Paul has a Master Degree in Exercise Science from Northeastern University in Chicago.

In six years of coaching Paul produced six regional champions (Mid-West Collegiate Conference), two state champion’s and one current National Champion (Master’s Division). Also Paul worked specifically with two athletes producing one gold medal and one silver medal in cycling and two golds in swimming for the 2013 World Transplant Games.

Working with heart transplant recipients Paul was able to produce astonishing cardiovascular results. Working closely with the athlete’s cardiologist and understanding heart medication (Beta Blockers) effects, Paul was able to produce heart rate responses unseen in lab tests at the Minneapolis Mayo Clinic. Paul is now the official assistant team manager and trainer for Team USA World Transplant Team. Over the past several years Paul has received advanced certifications as an Exercise Specialist (ACSM-American Council of Sports Medicine) in VO2 Max Testing and Prescriptions. Paul is also a Certified EKG Tech through the National Healthcare Association focusing on heart rate diagnostics and recognition.

Paul’s greatest highlight is bicycling across the United States 6 times for The Ability Experience’s Journey of Hope: National Service Project of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. He has personally bicycled over 35,000 miles for children with disabilities.

Cardiovascular Conditioning Coach
EKG-NHA (EKG-Tech), CPR/AED, ACSM-Exercsice Specialist

“I saw significant changes in my fitness and was able to go farther in my senior season than any previous year. I have no doubt it was due to the hard work and expertise Paul put into my training”

Sydney Campbell

2017 All American Tennis Player

First Cardio Performance’s Coach & Athlete Awards

Kevin Epley
  • 2019 ITA
  • Coach of the Year
  • South Carolina
Geoff McDonald
  • 2019 PTR
  • Coach of the Year
  • Vanderbilt
Jeff Nevelo
  • 2018 ITA
  • Assistant Coach of the Year
  • South Carolina
Evan Clark
  • 2017 ITA
  • Regional Coach of the Year
  • Illinois
Anna Rogers
& Alana Smith
  • 2019 ITA Doubles Finalist
  • #1 Ranking
  • NC State
Christina Rosca
  • 2017 Freshman of the Year Vanderbilt
  • 2019 All-American
  • 2018 ITA Fall National Championships
  • Sportsmanship Award
Paul Jubb
  • 2019 NCAA Champion
  • All American
  • South Carolina
Paige Cline
  • 2019 Singles All American
Ingrid Martins
  • 2019 ITA All-America Singles Team
  • 2019 SEC Player of the Year
  • 2019 SEC Tournament MVP
  • South Carolina
Fernanda Contraras
  • 2018 MVP Vanderbilt
  • Mexican National Team: 2019-Present
Fernando Navarro
& Marie Leduc
  • ITA 2018 Doubles Champsions
  • Clemson
Astra Sharma
  • 2017 SEC Player of the Year
  • 2017 All American
  • 2018 ITA Player of the Year
  • Vanderbilt
Syndey Campbell
  • 2017 SEC MVP
  • 2017 NCAA Final 4
  • Vanderbilt
Paige Cline & Hadley Berg
  • 2016 Doubles All American
  • South Carolina

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